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Goalkeeper Glove Size

We know that this is the first doubt that every goalkeeper has the first time he/she puts on a glove, we have designed a perfect guide that includes a document that you can print to ensure that the glove you are about to buy will fit you perfectly.

Click here to print in letter size your Glove Ruler 


Every keeper has a different personal preference for tight or loose, so you won't really know your perfect fit until you try on your pair and feel the maximum confidence.

You don't want gloves that are too tight and touch the fingertips, nor do you want too much room that makes them feel "loose". A glove that is too tight could tear or rip more easily and a glove that is too roomy will not give you confidence.

You will need a tape measure, there are two ways to measure your hand, according to the length or width.
As a tip, if your hand is very wide we recommend you to base it on the width of your hand, if not, measuring the length will usually be enough.

Goalkeeper Glove Size Table
Goalkeeper Glove Size lenght

Length form

Width form

Goalkeeper Glove Size Width
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