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4 mm of Elite Control NB latex for excellent grip with 4 mm of backing foam.

Palm Cut  
NRoll cut with a wrapped thumb. Air Ventilation Management AVM™ stitched into the finger gussets.

4 mm durable PS latex + 4 mm reinforced backing foam on the Shock Zone + Air Ventilation Management AVM™ fabric.

Finger Support 
5 removable finger spines for extra finger support.


Elastic wristband and a 360° latex wrist strap to provide more stability and adhesion to the wrist with a rubber pull tab.


Game Conditions: Top performance on hard surfaces, artificial turf and in humid and rainy conditions



Elite Aztlan 2021

  • If you want to know the size of your hand click here

  • Please note that all gloves from the new collection will be shipped during the first 15 days of March.

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