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• Latex Contact Grip 4mm White. It guarantees excellent performance on any surface, giving its best in dry conditions. The excellent abrasion resistance makes it one of the most complete racing latexes on the market.


• The cut II: NC (IILEVEN: NEGATIVE CUT) is totally new compared to the previous VI Sense: an extremely modern and adherent cut that guarantees sensitivity and grip space. Presents inserts in gel inside the palm, as always, the VI Sense line, with the novelty of the fabric between the fingers instead of latex



• Neoprene body


• Body in fluo pink neoprene, thicker and more compact than the previous version to avoid breakage and give greater support to the hand, on which there are graphic inserts in transparent silicone and a "V" in New Basic latex to give support and softness in the finger area.


• As per tradition, there is no side opening in this line, but rather a lycra insert that has been redesigned and improved compared to the previous version, with a very elongated wrist.The closure remains in New Basic latex with a elastic insert to ensure maximum adaptability of the same to the hand.

iileven Vi Sense

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