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The Aqua H2O models stand up to the demands of wet weather.

The range utilises Adhesion Ultra Supreme™ latex for a superb grip in adverse conditions. The Acclimatize™ backhand fabric used is comfortable, light and breathable, with a secure fitting wrist and closure.


The Expanse Cut surrounds the hand at all axis points and the design provides comfort and flexibility that follows the shape of the hand.


A fusion of other cuts, the Total Contact™ has become a hugely popular choice with our endorsees since it was launched in 2012.


  • Expanse Cut construction
  • Adhesion Ultra Supreme™ latex for superb performance in wet weather
  • Acclimatize™ fabric for comfort and breathability
  • Extended bandage wrist for added stability


Sells Total Contact Aqua H2O

$139.00 Regular Price
$124.99Sale Price
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